Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Construction Update

Progress for the Driving range/tennis project continues to move in a positive direction.  Yesterday Tennis West signed off on the sub-grading for the location of the tennis courts.  Hartman Construction is now complete with that phase of their responsibility via the tennis courts.  Their efforts can now be completely focused on the completion of the sub-grade work on the range and bringing the tee surfaces to grade.

Topsoil has been removed and stockpiled and although we excavated more than we anticipated an estimated additional 1000 cubic yards will be required to complete the job.  Plaisteds Company has begun the process of hauling the additional topsoil required for the job.

Although the photos don't show it, we're really not that far from thinking about irrigation installation.  Sticks of PVC pipe have already been glued together and are now awaiting bringing the sub-grade to grade and shaping of the fairway and target greens.

Installation of the Lannen stone retaining wall has also begun.  Stoneworks Co. has begun installation and with only 3 days into the job, they are making excellent progress.  Footings and pouring of the foundation for the new range house will hopefully begin by the end of next week and construction of the building is slated to begin the week of October 3rd.

This job has required a lot of subcontractors due the various jobs required to be completed.  Currently we have as many as 7 contractors on sight and maybe an additional 2-3 will be required before the project can be completed.  Its quite the process to see it all orchestrated by Hartman.

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