Thursday, June 19, 2014

Latest Course Condition Report

The month of June has proved to be an extremely wet month for us.  Until today we have held our own quite well.  We are blessed with a course that naturally drains well and over the course of the past 12 years we have installed a considerable amount of drainage to assist with the process.  But at some point, once the soils reach complete saturation, even the best draining course reaches its tipping point.

This morning, on top of the 5.4" of rain we have received this month, we received another 2.67".  At this point the water has no where to go.  The creek is beyond capacity and drain lines are full with no where for the water to drain.  Additionally soils in all areas are at field capacity.  Until we see a significant recession of water on the course, the course will be closed and no carts will be allowed.

I heard a report today, since January, in the Twin Cities, this is the wettest spring in history.  If you recall, last fall the club made the decision to install XGD drainage in all of the greens.  Aside from the restoration, it is probably one of the best decisions they have made for the golf course.  Drainage on greens has been exceptional this spring and has allowed us to provide extremely healthy greens with deep root systems.
Driving Range
 The beginning of 9 fairway
 A nice river of water coming down 9
 The right rough of 9
 The creek over the banks on 13
 One of the worst bunkers on the course, 12 green.  Thankfully due to the construction of the bunker 12 years ago, this is as bad as it gets.  
The bunker behind 14 green is the only one still holding water.

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