Friday, October 14, 2011

Bunker and Tee Construction Projects

Our staff has been very busy the past few weeks completing the construction of bunkers on 2, 7 and 17 as well as new tees on holes 7, 9 and 17. I'm pleased to say these projects have been completed.  The bunkers, designed by Ron Prichard, have turned out quite nice.  The bunkers on 2 and 17 need to be reconstructed following the loss of American elm trees in both locations.  The bunker on 7 was an additional bunker placed on the inside of the dogleg, in order to make the hole more challenging for the lower handicap player. 

Hartman Companies was contracted to complete the shaping of the bunkers and install the drainage.  All of the finish work, the irrigation changes, the installation of the burlap bags, the rough grading and the sod work was all completed in house.  My main goal was to make sure the bunker shaper was able to construct the style of the bunker to look exactly like the other bunkers we built in '02-'03.  Even though Prichard has designed all the bunkers Hartman was not involved in the renovation and we needed to insure the new bunkers did not take on a look of their own.  I have to say Hartman did a great job as did our staff.  A special thank you goes to Assistant Superintendents Nick Folk and Rick Krause for their leadership with these projects.

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