Thursday, September 15, 2011

Course Projects

It's that time of year, the time when the grass starts slowing down and growing a little less, play begins to slide and we start gearing up for projects on the course.  West Lake Landscape was here this week to begin work around the 10 tee house.  The old timbers that surrounded the flower bed were removed and replaced with a lannen stone wall.  This was a quick and simple job for them and the end result is fantastic!  The look is consistent with other lannen stone work throughout the course.  The next phase will be to replace the old blue stone with red brick pavers.  That work is also scheduled to be completed this fall by West Lake Landscape.
Randy Boe from West Lake
Over the course of the next few weeks we will be working on multiple projects on the course.  The first one will be to replace some existing turf on a few fairway bunker faces.  The current quality and condition of the turf is less than ideal on the fairway bunker on 5 double bunker, the lower bunker on 5, the approach bunker on 9 and the 1st fairway bunker on the right side of 16.  We have sprayed and killed the existing turf and beginning next week will will strip the sod and replace it with new sod.  The most difficult aspect of this operation will be removing the sod from the steep faces.  Once removed we can then easily lay new sod.
Approach bunker on 9 where turf will be replaced

Future 7th tee

Other projects will be the construction of tees on 7, 9 and 13.  Our first job is to haul fill to raise the fill pads.  for the blue tee on 13 we need to raise the height a least 6 feet.  This we require close to 150 cubic yards of fill.  When complete the tee on 13 make this hole play to a distance of 603 yards.  Wow!  The tee on 7 will provide the players a slightly different angle to play this par 5 dogleg.  From a maintenance position it will provide us with an additional tee to move the markers and reduce the wear and tear on the existing white and blue tees.  The addition of the white tee on 9 will provide additional length as well as a slightly different position for players to position their shots to the fairway.  I really like this tee and I think both new tees on 7 and 9 will be a nice improvement for white tee players.
Future 13th tee

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