Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bunker Renovation

This past week our staff stripped and re-sodded four bunker faces.  Bunkers where turf was replaced was on two fairway bunkers on 5, the approach bunker on the left of 9 and the first fairway bunker on the right of 16.  The turf on these south facing bunkers was in tough condition thus forcing us to replace the turf.  Rooting of the sod will take a few weeks.  In the mean time the bunker faces will remain Ground Under Repair and will be roped off.  Please do not walk on the faces of these bunkers!  Once rooted properly we will then remove the rope.
Bunker on 9 prior to stripping
 Stripped bunker
Sod being laid

The sod consists of a majority of Creeping red fescue (varieties are Epic and Shoneline).  By placing a fescue blend on the bunker face we are placing a turf species that will be better able to tolerate the drought conditions which the south facing slopes natural will have.  This turf is also very consistent with the species of grasses that exist on the bunker faces surrounding all of our greens.  Additionally on these particular bunker we will not be allowing the shoulders of these bunker to grow to seed head height.  All of these bunkers will be mowed on a regular basis and will ultimately become a very dense stand of turf.

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