Saturday, July 23, 2011

Should I Dare Say It...I hate sod!

Typically I try not to write a lot of opinions on this blog and stick to facts about what we are positively accomplishing on the golf course.  But I really can't help this one. I hate sodding on the golf course and I will try to avoid it when at all possible.  There I said it!  Sod is a quick fix in most instances and it has its place, but when it comes to greens or fairways the long-term success is difficult and sod needs to be managed for many years until it matures into the site.

Typically sod used on our greens either is harvested from a practice green or comes from our sod nursery.  Sod, no matter where it comes from, from my experience, is fickle for the first 1-2 years.  The roots tend to be shallow, extra watering is constantly required and all it takes is one day of heat stress and the sod can be lost.  Sod requires extra fertility as well as topdressing and aeration.  Hence it takes a couple of years until it establishes properly and blends into playing surface. 
Sod laid this spring on the 1st green.  Plugging of the dead spots will be required.
Sod laid this spring on the 1st green, took a hit this past week during the week of severe heat.  All it took was a few hours of heat and a lack of water and turf loss happened quickly.  Additionally sod that was laid last year on some fairway and approach areas has been struggling in the heat, despite additional aeration, fertilizer and fungicide treatments.  Even into the second year, with decent roots, Fickle! 
Sod laid in the spring of 2010. Struggling due to shallow roots, mower traffic and cart traffic.


  1. Right there with you. Especially on greens.

  2. Here here...just resodded 20 sq. ft. this morning.

  3. Yep, totally agree. All of the sod we have laid on greens or collars takes a least a year or two to really take. Its tough because sometimes it needs to be done but its very fickle.


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