Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Invitational Week

This week is the club's Invitational Golf Event. As far as events at the club go, this is one of our Major's. Member/Member in August being the other Major. The weather over the past few weeks has produced a great deal of rain, high dew points as well as high temperatures. Based on the past weather as well as the forecast for upcoming days, heat index's reaching into the low 100's, even with this weeks "Major" on the schedule, we felt today was an ideal time to vent (aerate) the greens.
Earlier in the week when we walked on greens we could smell that the greens needed to be vented. We could smell the anaerobic activity taking place in the soils and the best cure for allowing gas exchange is to vent the greens. Roots need oxygen to survive and when oxygen is depleted reduction in root depth is greatly compromised. With as much poa annua as we have on greens, maintaining proper root depths throughout the summer months is critical to poa's survival and the quality and condition of greens.
Needle tine aeration "Venting"

Today's aeration began at 5am and the guys were finished with 19 greens by 11am. As you can see in the photos the needle tines that we use cause little disturbance to the surface and when followed by the rollers there is little to no evidence that greens were even aerated. Pretty good work to have completed 2 days before our Invitational and 3 days before and other 1-3" predicted rain event as well as 4-5 days in the mid to high 90's

The green following a roll.

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