Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family Tradition

Long-time employee at Minikahda, Assistant Superintendent Johnny Jarosz, has 27 years experience on the Grounds Department alone.  That doesn't include his years of service to the club, first as a caddie, then at the bag room and also a short stint washing dishes in the kitchen.  Minikahda is in his blood and quite frankly is the only place he has ever worked.  Now for the first time all three of his boys are working here at the same time.  Neal (20), Cole (17) and Seth (14) are all caddying at the club this summer.  Neal, an Evans Scholar, and Cole are highly qualified and skilled caddies who are highly regarded and frequently requested by the members.  Seth is in his 1st year and by the sounds of it, is a quick study.  I've got to say, its pretty cool to see these three young men out here working together.  I know Johnny feels the same way. 

Seth, Cole and Neal Jarosz

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