Friday, October 1, 2010

Bunker Work at #3

Last week Nick worked on the left green side bunker on #7, this week he is repairing and adjusting the bunker edge on #3. With the original construction there was a small collection area in this bunker that left the golfer with a real difficult shot. We are adjusting the edge of the bunker, bringing it in slightly. Our hope is now if your ball is in the bunker the player can stand in the sand to take the shot and not have to be standing on the turf about 18 inches above the ball.

In the past 8 years a great deal of sand has been blasted onto the face of the bunker. You can see anywhere from 12-18 inched of sand has built up. We are not going to remove all of the sand. This would entail totally rebuilding the face of the bunker and I don't think we want to do that since the turf is very healthy.

And speaking of healthy, the roots of these plants are growing all the way through the sand. Who say's you need to have balanced soils to a healthy plant system?

The finished product.

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