Monday, September 27, 2010

More Fall Projects

Today Nick completed the repair of the front left bunker on 7 green. Over the past 8 years the face of the green side bunker was beginning erode from golfer wear and tear. In the process of rebuilding the bunker we wanted to make sure we mimicked the original construction by our architect Ron Prichard. In order to do that we had to create the edge of the bunker using burlap bags. The slope of the bunker was then back filled and the top of the burlap bag was covered with soil. It should also be noted that the bags needed to be filled about 3/4th full of soil and tamped into place with a square edge.
Once tamped and back filled, the sod could then be laid over the soil and rolled over the burlap bag and into the bunker edge. The sod is then left covering the bag and sand is pushed up to cover the sod. As the sod roots into the soil and the bag we are then left with an edge that provides the laced edge look. A classic bunker look to a classic golf course.

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