Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conversion Progress Update

So we have been working on converting our greens from their former predominantly poa annua stand to a sward of creeping bentgrass. Beginning in the spring of 2009 we began implementing our change in philosophy and management practices from favoring the poa to favoring the bent. Here are a few photos to show the progressing.

#2 green, April of 2009

#2 green, July 2010

#14 Green, April 2009
#14 Green, July 2010

We have be working with Greenway Golf throughout the process. Does our new management approach work? I think the photos speak for themselves.


  1. Great post Jeff! Its fun to see those pictures side by side. Really highlights the traffic patterns on the greens and shows us how the Poa moves into the high traffic areas.

  2. Iron is a beautiful thing ... and so is a firm, smooth rolling green. Welcome to the Darkside.


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