Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bathrooms Updated

Along with the restoration work in 2002-03 we rebuilt the on course bathrooms. At the time the updates were great and at the time we had decided to use a toilet that would compost the waste, called a Biolet. Unfortunately the toilets were not designed for the high use we have on the golf course. Last year the decision was made to install septic tanks which we are able to pump empty when needed.

This week Kothrade Sewer, from Hanover, MN, installed two 1000 gallon septic tanks and installed new toilets as well. A 10 inch diameter vent stack was added with a roof fan that will create positive air flow and keep any smells to a minimum. The new set-up should be a win-win. The golfers will have a better environment for a pit stop and our staff will no long have to put themselves in close contact to the waste like they did when they had to empty the Biolet toilets. In order to keep the septic tanks cleaned yearly we will bring in Biffs Company to extract the waste and carry it off site.

There is still a little bit of work that needs to be completed, like epoxy the floors, repainting the walls and painting of the vent stack, otherwise the bathrooms are fully functional and ready for use.


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