Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bald Eagles have success!

If you've followed the blog throughout this season you will have read a few posts about wildlife on the grounds of Minikahda, here's our proudest update. About 15 years ago our local tree company built an Osprey platform in one of the tall Cottonwood trees on the east side of hole #7. After having no success with anything nesting on the platform, the effort became all worth wild this year, as a pair of Bald Eagles chose to call it home. With many of us grounds crew guys and members watching the pair all season the intrigue and wonder; it was in our minds if the pair would have any successful offspring. Today was the proud and happy day that brought the answer to that question. While doing some morning maintenance some crew members spotted something on the ground by the tees on #7, it was one of the adult Bald Eagles standing next to it's offspring! Success! Our hopes had come true, the nesting pair of Eagles just two miles from downtown Minneapolis had raised a young one. Below is a couple pictures of 'Junior' checking out the fairway bunker on #7.


  1. Great photos Nick! Its got to be fun to see this kind of stuff on the course. Especially in the middle of the city.

  2. I am sorry to say, but your 1st year eagle had aan accident last week. The UofMN Raptor Center was called on Tuesday, August 10th about an eagle trapped on a chimney top at the corner of Abbot & 38th. With the help of the Minneapolis Fire Department, we reascued the bird and he has been admitted to the Raptor center for care. He has a broken leg in 2 places and a torn tendon. We hope he makes it. Pictures of the rescue are posted at
    Ben Wilson, Raptor Center Volunteer


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