Monday, November 7, 2011

The Golf Course is Closed

Sunday was the last day of golf for the 2011 season.  Our staff is now making our final preparations to prepare the golf course for winter.  The final snow mold fungicide applications will be applied to greens, tees and fairways starting today.  All golf course accessories will be brought in and stored and today we are hauling the greens covers to the respective greens.  We may begin covering greens as early as Tuesday.  There are still plenty of leaves on the course.  We will keep seasonal staff around this fall as long as we can in order to get the course as clean as possible as we head into winter.

Other work happening this week, Tim's Tree Service will be here for the next two weeks taking care of tree removals and our annual tree trimming.  Red Pederson Utilities is also here and will be installing a new 10"High Density Polyethylene mainline.  This pipe will replace the old cast iron mainline that goes from our main well to the mainline by the 18th green. This is going to be a very interesting process.  The process is called pipe bursting and they will literally pull the 10" pipe through the old 8" cast iron pipe which bursts the old pipe as they pull the new pipe through.  I will have more about this project as the week goes on. 


  1. That is very interesting Jeff. When I saw your tweet yesterday I thought bursting was an auto-correct mistake. I guess it make sense as it allows the boring head to follow the same path as the old pipe. Obviously there much not be concern about the old pipe fragments being in contact with the HDPE.

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