Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Driving Range Project

We nearing the end of the range project. Today asphalt is being laid for the cart path and the final lift will be applied to the tennis parking lot and the drop off area.  The tee has been dormant seeded and by the end of the week the final pallets of sod will be laid.  Of course there will be plenty of detail work that needs to be completed, but we will sign off on the majority of the work by Hartman Co.at the end of the week.  Final decisions on plantings will need to be made for the gardens at tennis as well as some retaining wall and brick paver work.  We will complete what we can this fall and the remaining work will be completed in the spring. 

This has been a wonderful project.  When completed the members will have a golf practice facility and tennis facility they will be extremely proud of.  Thank you to Golf Course Architect Kevin Norby, building architect Scott Newland, Hartman Golf Course Construction and Landscape Divisions, Doboszenski & Sons, Inc, Phehal Asphalt Company, StoneScapes, West Lake Landscapes, Tennis West, Jirik Sod, Plaisteds Co., EC Design, Red Pederson Utilities, Frazier Morris Electrical and Zeeman Construction.  This project has taken quite a team of contractors to complete.  Hartman Company was the lead contractor and did a fabulous job keeping this hectic project on schedule as well as working with such a large group of sub-contractors. 

There's no doubt we will have our work cut out for ourselves next spring, but the majority of the work is complete.  Now lets hope and pray for an early spring so we can get the bentgrass seed up and growing on the tee, fairway and target greens.

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