Saturday, June 18, 2011

Powerade for Trees

Two weeks ago we moved a very large Sugar maple to the garden by the Grill entrance. The tree is a 9" DBH and was moved with a 102" tree spade. We've been looking for a tree for this location for quite some time. The timing was right this spring when a landscape architect we work with was working on a job where they wanted this tree removed. The tree was free and all we had to pay was the moving cost.
Ideally we would have moved a tree this size in the late fall or early spring. When we moved the tree it was fully leafed out. Moving a tree this size and fully leafed is extremely stressful to the tree. Additionally only 4 days following the move, temperatures reached 95 degrees one day and 103 the next coupled with 30 mph winds. Needless to say the tree was in shock.

Deep watering as well as what we like to call the "Powerade" mix for transplanted trees and shrubs will be applied weekly to aid the tree through the transplant process. The "Powerade" mix is a mixture of Seaweed extract, Fish Hydrolysate, Humic Acid, Micro-nutrients, Yucca extract and Mycorrhizae. There are numerous benefits to the plant from all of these products and hopefully by applying these products to the roots we can help power this tree through the transplant stress and successfully transition into its new home.

Thankfully the weather has also been cooperating with timely rains, cloudy days and some cool night temperatures. If we can successfully get the tree to survive the summer, it stands a good chance of surviving the the move, so keep your fingers crossed.

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