Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's All About The Roots!

If you talk to any Superintendent about the health of the turf plant, they will invariably speak about the quality and depth of the roots of the plant.  Having deep roots heading into summer is critical for the plants to survive the heat of the summer unscathed. For the past 3-4 years we have been promoting creeping bentgrass over poa annua.  Many members question the reason and what the benefits really are?  Superintendents know the many benefits and the potential for deep rooting plants is one of those benefits.

Usually I can insert the probe in our fairways to the handle.  Just happened to catch a rock and it stop me at 13"

Today I inserted a soil probe into our second fairway as deep as it would go (13").  When I pulled it out, roots were hanging from the bottom of the probe.  Additionally at that depth there the soil temperatures were nice and cool, about 60 degrees, and there was also adequate moisture.  With roots at that depth (13+") this allows us to provide firmer playing conditions as we can really stretch our watering cycles.
Deep roots= a healthier plant, a plant that requires less nutrients, less water and firmer playing conditions.
At the end of the probe you can see the roots hanging.

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