Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Course Bird Feeders

After 15 years of abuse from the wildlife on the golf course it was time to replace our bird feeders. Typically we feed the birds throughout the winter months(November - March) as part of our Certified Audubon Sanctuary Program. The supplemental feed helps the birds survive the harsh Minnesota winters.
Instead of purchasing the new feeders from a supply store we sought out one of our members who is quite the woodworker/craftsman. Mr. Wally May, long time Minikahda member donated his time to make us 5 new bird feeders. Being the very meticulous person that he is, Mr. May took several specific measurements and looked at several different styles of bird feeders before constructing the first one. After finishing the first feeder, several small adjustments were made to make the next several feeders even better, with the final design meeting Mr. May's expectation.
Pictured below is Mr. May delivering the 5th and final feeder to us at the grounds department. Mr. May delivered the feeders as "raw" constructed material, so they would need a couple good coats of quality stain to prevent rotting and weathering.

Pictured above left is John Jarosz applying the first coat of stain. Above right is the finished look after a couple of coats of stain. The last and final step will be to attach the new feeders to the mounting posts.

A special thanks goes out to Mr. Wally May. We at the grounds department really appreciate time and pride that Mr. May took to construct the feeders. With the quality and attention to detail, these bird feeders will last for many, many years.

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