Friday, March 11, 2011

A New Champion

This past weekend the skeet shooters declared a new 2010-11 Cookout Shootout Champion.  Young Gun Max Smith captured the trophy of Cookout Shootout Champion by edging his father Pat by 2 shots.  Max shot combined score of 43 while his dad could only muster a 41.  Max not only won the annual Cookout Shootout trophy, but he also won the 1st annual Wobble Shootout trophy just 2 weeks prior.  With a steady hand he again managed to out due his father by posting a combined score of 42, once again 2 shots better than his dad.  Not bad for someone who had never shot wobble skeet before. 

Max Smith-Cookout Shootout and Wobble Shootout Champion
With only about 3 weekends remaining in the season we have yet to declare a season winner for Large Bore and Small Bore Champions.  A total of five rounds need to be declared to qualify for the award. The way Max Smith's been shooting, who knows he could be the first and only to have his name etched in all four trophy's in the same season.  Best of Luck to all the shooters.

Alex Knopick, set and ready at station 7
Long time member (42 yrs) Dr. Don Mosser and his wife Janet, entertaining the group with one of his many stories
Shooters Bill Schmoker, Max Smith, Pat Smith and Pat Moran

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