Friday, January 7, 2011

Make the Most of Educational Opportunities

This week my staff and I attended the Northern Green Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Three days of education, an excellent trade show and maybe one of the most important aspects to me, networking with my peers. For some in the industry I hear about how the classes are poor, the vendor booths are small, and the typical negative comments that we hear from these same negative individuals. But that's not me. I love the conventions, the conferences, the education and the networking.

I've been fortunate to be in the golf industry a long time (this year will be my 20th year) and I still find there's always something new to learn. After 20 years there's a lot of information I've heard before, but to hear it again is always a good reminder, a good refresher and a good way to reflect on the past year and reevaluate our programs and philosophy's for the upcoming season. Sure there are some seminars that don't meet your expectations from time to time, but for me I typically will use that time to reflect and take notes. It's amazing what pops into your head. Thoughts I can't always get my head around in the office where there are a hundred distractions.

When attending a conference or seminar I always have a pencil and notepad. Thoughts regarding the presentation, tips, websites posted, or heck even personal goals, visions or even a reminder to get milk on the way home tonight. Use that time to be productive. Your clubs not paying your way to make it a day off and waste the day at the bar. Take every opportunity to meet with vendors and visit with your constituents. Make the most out of every opportunity.

Now that our local educational opportunity this week is complete, it's time to reflect on my notes, follow up on my thoughts and do my best to meet the goals and thoughts I was able to reflect on during the seminars. In a few weeks Nick and me will be headed to Orlando for the Golf Industry Show. Another excellent opportunity to meet with local and maybe more importantly national friends and colleagues, renew old friendships as well as network and develop new friendships throughout the industry. All in all I enjoy using these educational opportunities to grow personally and professionally and bring new ideas back to the golf course to utilizes in a way which make the golf course better for our members.


  1. Great post Jeff! You beat me to it. I have always found that once the expo comes and goes my brain really begins to refocus on managing the golf course. For me writing allows me to recall what I learned and think critically about how these things can be used to our benefit next season.

    Oh and thanks for making me feel bad about missing the National. I wasn't feeling bad about it but now I am.

  2. Wait until I place a posting on Max's to invite guys for a get-together, then you'll really feel bad. Don't worry, I'll take notes for you :)


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