Monday, January 3, 2011

Maintenance Shop Upgrades

We take great pride in keeping our facilities here in great shape. Every year we look for new ways to improve the facilities to make them more environmentally friendly. This year we have made two improvements so far. The first being replacing the service door that goes into the paint booth room. The old door had no insulation and rotten weather stripping, which did a poor job of keeping the heat inside while our crew refurbished course supplies during the winter months. The new door (pictured below) does a much better job of holding in the heat, as it is insulated and has a dual-pane window.
The other upgrade was the replacement of both toilets in the main shop bathrooms. The two old toilets were replaced with new "dual flush" option toilets from American Standard. The new toilets have the option of using a 1.0gallon flush for liquids or 1.6gallon flush for solids. This is a great reduction in water usage as compared to the two old toilets which used 4.0gallons per flush. As you can imagine with a staff of 30 employees during the golfing season, the water savings will add up quickly.

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