Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Refining the Leaf

Thursday we will make our first application of ferrous sulfate to the greens. At this time of year there is an obvious difference between the leaf blade of the creeping bentgrass and the poa annua. Based on the soil temperatures as well as our limited fertility regime at this time the creeping bentgrass blades are quit wide and appear almost succulent. Additionally following our granular fertility application the poa plants are little too succulent for our liking.

This will be our first application of ferrous sulfate on the greens this season. It's always an interesting application to make and watch the reaction of the plants. This application will begin the process of refining the leaf blade which will narrow the widths of the blades, its almost like we are shrinking the leaves and in a way we are as we drive out the excess moisture with the ferrous sulfate. We will start at 160z/M, a modest rate for this time of year and work our way to 24oz/M by the end of the month. The players should be pleased as well as this will aid with increasing green speeds.

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