Monday, May 3, 2010

2 Weeks Later, Another Linden

Saturday I received a call from the Golf Shop staff, informing me that the Linden tree located by the starters desk had a large crack in the trunk and I needed to come in to secure it. That was no lie, from the crotch of the tree to about 18 inches from the root flare the trunk was cracked the entire way. Our greatest fear, the tree would split and either fall on the club house or worse, injure someone severely. The tree was quickly secured using ratchet tie straps, in three different locations until we could properly and safely remove the tree.

Late this afternoon, Tim's Tree Service (the best in the business) was here to safely remove the tree from its location. This tree will be greatly missed. It provided wonderful shade to golfers and diners who preferred to dine on the patio on our beautiful summer evenings.

The Landscape and Garden Committee will be meeting this week to evaluate the situation and access what the proper steps will be to replace the tree as well as the landscape situation since the plant material in place was all shade tolerant species. The shade has now been compromised and even after a tree is planted, it will be quite sometime before we have the quality shade so many once enjoyed.

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