Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ducks on the Pond

Spring is a great time of year to see wildlife around the golf course. Most of the time you'll get to see your common Mallard duck, but if you're ever around the golf course early enough in the mornings a common siting these April days is of the Woodduck. Typically Woodducks chose a nesting site or box in early April, then mate and lay eggs. Incubation period for the eggs is around 28 days. Once the eggs hatch they climb out of the box and run for cover following their mom. The picture below is of two drake(male) Woodducks, probably waiting for their hen(female) to join them for the day after sitting on eggs all night long.

Another spring duck sighting is of the Blue-winged Teal. The picture below is of a pair of Blue-winged Teal. Blue-winged Teal are more of a migratory bird for us here in Minnesota, mostly seeing them in the spring and fall when they are going to and from their Canadian nesting range.

The last picture is of a Ruddy Duck, a small "fish duck" that is typically seen in massive rafts in larger bodies of water. This one decided that our #6 pond looked like a good spot to dive for some minnows.

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