Friday, April 23, 2010


Over the past week several guys on our crew have been hard at work aerifying several areas of the golf course. The one area that typically takes the longest is deeptining the fairways. We usually try to deeptine our fairways twice per year. The picture below is of long time Assistant Superintendent John Jarosz deeptining #1 fairway. Deeptining does several things for the golf course; it reduces compaction, opens airspace for roots to grow and allows water to move through the soil profile more rapidly. It will take us about 2 weeks to finish the deeptining process on our 27 acres of fairway.

The picture below is of Jim Schnell, one of our interns solidtine aerating around greens, tees and bunkers. Typically we try to aerate those rough areas 1-2 times per year to help reduce the compaction from carts and foot traffic.

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