Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The year of Gray Snow Mold

A view of the course from the 9th green. The finer turf areas are absolutely perfect.
Ever wonder what a Turfgrass Pathologist dreams about at night? This might come close.
Gray Snow Mold covering the 3rd green bank. Looks like a heavy frost.
Heavy Gray Snow Mold damage mixed in with some Vole damage. Not a pleasant sight, but it will recover after a good raking and when warmer temperatures arrive and the turf begins to grow.

Conditions were perfect this year for the development of Gray snow mold. Thankfully that damage has been limited to the rough. Green and tee banks as well as bunker faces and large areas in the general rough is where this disease took hold. Following a good raking and some warm temperatures these areas will come back. In the mean time the golfers will have to tolerate the look of brown turf.

Turf on the greens, tees and fairways is in great condition. We have yet to remove the covers, but from what we have seen from peeking under them the turf looks to be in great condition. Not having to deal with damage to our finer turf areas is a blessing and it will allow us to focus on other areas of the golf course this year.


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