Monday, January 25, 2010

A Necessary Evil

We can be thankful that here at The Minikahda Club we have a strong caddie program and a large number of members who enjoy walking the course. It also helps that we have a walkers friendly golf course. With 2/3rds of the rounds consisting of members carrying their own clubs or Loopers doing it for them, we still need to manage the other 1/3rd of the rounds that are played using a golf cart.

Let's face it, turf can only withstand so much traffic before it begins to decline. In order for us to combat the rigors associated with cart traffic our first line of defense is cart blocks. We currently have over 400 cart blocks that are positioned throughout course in all of the key areas where turf damage from carts typically occurs. Cart blocks are moved on a regular basis when dictated by cart traffic. Along with the cart blocks the cultural practices that are implemented to reduce, prevent and heal cart traffic damage are increased fertility as well as a solid aeration program.

Of all the accessories that are placed on the golf course, cart blocks are our biggest eye sore. They create clutter on the course. Every year for the Invitational and the Member/Member all of the cart blocks are removed. It is time consuming to bring them all in and then back out again, but for just a few days a year it is so nice to see the golf course without all of the clutter.

Cart blocks also require upkeep and maintenance. Stakes get bent and need to be straightened and of course every year the blocks need to be pressure washed and stained. It's usually about a week long process from start to finish. A process the Assistants Rick Krause and Johnny Jarosz have become quite effecient with.

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