Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grooming Ski Trails

We just added a new piece of equipment to are arsenal for managing and maintaining our cross-country ski trails. We now have a new used snowmobile, a 2007 Ski-doo Expedition. Unlike our old 1989 Yamaha, this sled has plenty of horse-power to climb all of our hills in any snow condition. You can see in the photo the roller groomer that is attached to the snowmobile. We use this to groom the skate track. Unfortunately this attachment only allows us to pack and apply the corduroy groom to the trail, which is fine when we have fresh snow, but does not aid us when we have gone long period between snow fall events. Basically it does not allow us the ability to recondition the trail. By the middle of February we hope to have our new groomer from Yellowstone Track Systems. The new groomer will allow us to recondition the trail for skate skiing as well as set a track for the traditional inline skiing.

For those of you that enjoy snow shoeing we have a packed trail for you as well. We have some new signs marking the trails, so please go out and use them.

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