Wednesday, April 9, 2014

And They're Off

The greens covers were removed yesterday.  The staff endured a steady breeze all day, a few times having to fight the wind and hold on to the cover with all their might.  Fortunately we had a staff of 16 to aid with the removal process.
 It's easy to see why so many are required to removed the covers.  Any amount of wind and the covers and foam will blow away.
 All greens emerged from winter in perfect condition.  Not a blemish on a single green.  Through all the years that I have been at Minikahda, I don't recall the last time this happened.  This winter, though extremely cold, the greens were covered in snow since early December.  The snow provided excellent insulation throughout the bitter cold periods thus protecting the finer swards of turf.  Tees and fairways are also in very good condition and show no signs of winter kill.
#17 green

#13 green.

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