Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Winter Detail Projects

During the winter months we always try to find one or two projects where we can improve upon our course accessories.  If you've been following the blog you know we made a complete conversion of our previous cart traffice blocks to Ipe wood.  Ipe wood is consistent with our tee markers, benches, cooler stands and tee tables on the 1st and 10th tee.  After examining our old 150 yard stakes we felt it would be wise to upgrade the cedar stakes, that had been painted white, to the ipe wood.   

Typically we use the 150 stakes to indicate hole locations on the green, indicating the front, middle and back locations.  On the previous stakes a colored plastic cap was utilized.  The trick for this process was to find a way to use the Ipe wood and have an interchangeable cap and one that would fit properly on the wood without spinning. 

We created a notch in the stake and cap with an inserted spike that allows the cap to fit perfectly on the main 150 stake.  The Ipe wood 150 stake is now consistent with all other wood products on the golf course.  

Based on the extended weather forecast as well as the 12-18" of snow that continue to cover the land, we have plenty of time for additional projects around the maintenance facility.  We've grown tired of the color of the office hallways, locker room and bathrooms consequently we decided to change the paint color and replace the old base molding.  Alyssa did a wonderful job and we are all pleased with the color selection we made.
 Framed copies of the original Ross Prints are proudly displayed in the hall of the Turfgrass Management Facility.


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