Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Projects

This winter's weather has certainly been colder than normal but thankfully the staff has been able to get our normal winter tasks completed.  Here are just a few items that Rick, Johnny and Alyssa have been busy preparing for the upcoming season.

 The MGA yardage plaques for each tee have been repainted and sanded.  This year we also updated all of the yardages with new plates.  Always a nice touch when putting out the accessories every spring.

The staff did a nice job once again with the junior tee yardage markers.  Typically new decals are required annually.  These markers are placed flush with the turf surface and consequently the markers get damaged from mowing equipment and cart traffic.

Cooler stands, stained, painted and ready to go!

New Cart Blocks!!!

(the old cart blocks)

 Typically, every winter we look our accessories and try to decide where we can make some improvements.  Last winter we invested a huge amount of time and not too much money to completely rebuild our cooler stands.  With 9 coolers stands the cost to replace them would have totaled over $8000.  We were able to rebuild them for a 1/4 of the cost.

We have gradually replaced all of our wood items with Ipe wood.  First it was the tee markers and benches following the restoration.  Last year it was the cooler stands and this year we felt it was time to replace the cart blocks.  The current cart blocks had been in use for at least the past 15 years.  The wood and stain didn't match any other wood or stain we currently have on the course.  We would prefer a uniform and consistent look throughout the course.

 We purchased the Ipe wood from a local lumber supplier and make about 525 new cart blocks. Alyssa cut the blocks as well as beveled every top.  These cart blocks are obviously smaller than our old ones but should certainly be more manageable for our staff.  And I like that they are now consistent with all our wood products on the course.

Staining will take a few days.  This wood absorbs the stain quickly so the blocks will require 3 coats of stain before they can go on the course this spring.

This is just a glimpse of the work the staff has completed this winter.  There are only 50 days until it's officially spring and there are still more tasks to be completed before the beginning of the season. 

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