Friday, April 12, 2013

Never Ending Winter

April 11th.  Six more inches of snow

When will the weather finally break so we can start working on the golf course?  There have basically been two days when the staff has been able to work on the course.  Last Friday and this past Monday.  Both days  the crew spent the day removing covers from the greens.  Now the course is covered in snow and the long-term forecast shows temperatures remaining in the 40's and cloudy.

Last year the course opened the earliest in the clubs history, March 23.  This year? Well who knows when it will be? For sure after the 23rd of April putting us well over a month past last year.  The last time our records indicate this happening was in 1973 and 1974.  In 1973 the course opened on March 28th and in 1974 the course opened on April 27th.  Based on what's happening my guess is we will be pushing closer to the 27th of April this year unless Mother Nature changes her mind quickly and sends some warm weather our way and soon.

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