Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning and Refurbishing

After our mechanic of 22 years left, it was time to really dig deep and do some thorough cleaning of the loft and refurbishing of the mechanics office.  Our loft had become the catch-all for old parts and equipment.  The office had probably not been updated in 20 plus years.  Anytime there is a change in a department an opportunity is then provided to make some positive change.

It's almost hard to believe (because I feel we keep a clean maintenance facility) but we were able to recycle close to 3000 lbs of metal from the loft, cabinets and the mechanics bench area.  It's really quite embarrassing to know that this much material was being stored with little to no value to the club.  With a new  technician coming on board we felt it was imperative we give the shop a good cleaning and update the office before his arrival.  It's obvious from the photos we had a lot to clean, recycle and pitch.  
About time for some serious cleaning.
Organized chaos?  Not for me, just a mess!
Yikes!  This is what causes two days of extra work.
2990# of scrap metal.
This is better, now let's keep it this way.

The office needed to be updated and brought up to speed with the 21st century.  Isaac Kasper did a great deal of the work with some assistance from Nick Folk and Ryan Hogan, the office looks almost new.  There was some sheet rock work, removed the old flooring and applied a floor paint, new trim, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and doors, rearranged the Lawson containers and probably the most important, provided the office with a new computer (actually the old irrigation computer with a new monitor) and internet access. 

The trim was in dire need of replacement.
The old flooring was removed. 
The old cabinets were removed and new sheet rock added.
Cleaned up the desk and provided a computer and printer.

Our new Technician, Brian Cowin, will be able to place orders on-line, research prices, research parts and have an area where he can do what he needs to do to provide us with a quality product in a professional manner. If we want a professional why not treat him like one?  


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