Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Winter Time

It's winter time and that means its time to change gears and focus on our winter tasks.  Mechanic's Kenny and Ryan are fully engulfed in stripping down equipment, replacing bearings and other worn our parts and making sure each and every piece of equipment is ready for spring.  Kenny has begun grinding fairway unit reels and will be consumed with this task for the next few week.

Prepping course accessories for the upcoming season is a long and arduous task.  Over 400 cart blocks have already been pressure washed and stained and as you can see from the photos there are a boat load of bunker rakes (over 300) that are sanded, pressure washed and stained all by hand.  The guys (Rick, Johnny and Isaac) are about half way complete with this task and by the end of next week should have this process complete.

 Sanding almost complete
Isaac Kasper-winter orientation
Nick Folk is our project man in the winter.  Nick is very skilled at carpentry and is up for any task we put in front of him. This years task, build a shoe storage area for the staff for under their lockers.

I really enjoy touring other maintenance facilities and this idea came from Hazeltine National.  We have a small locker room and there is never enough space for everyone's gear.  At Hazeltine they built an area under the lockers for the staff to store their shoes.  I thought this idea would work perfect in our small locker room.  Nick wasted no time in building, painting and installing the shoe shortage area for the staff, complete with runner carpets to absorb any moisture.  Once the carpet gets too dirty, we can either wash them off with the pressure washer or just cut new carpet pieces.  

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