Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preserving the Practice Facility

The Grounds Committee and the Board of Governors have concluded we need to limit the amount of days we allow for practice on the new tee.  The tee has received a great deal of play in the limited amount of time we have been open (opened to grass on July 3).  Play will be allowed on the grass from Wednesday through Saturday.  Practice will occur on the Mats on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  The turf is less than a year old and needs more time to mature.  Players practicing have also created a large amount of divots that will take a considerable amount of time to heal before the played area will be ready for play again.  You can see in the photo taken, this is less than 3 weeks of practice.

We also need to have players improve the way they practice.  Please view the video created by Dan Meersman, Director of Grounds at Philadelphia Cricket Club.  Dan gives an excellent presentation of how to properly practice.

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