Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday

Its not often I have a "Happy Birthday" post, but it's also not everyday that one of our staff members turns 80.  Our Rough Mower operator for the past 15 years "Pistol Pete" Geier, turned 80 today.  Pete started working at Minikahda back in 1993 following his retirement from Control Data.  Pete had a brief stint as one of the guys of our divot crew but we soon realized he would be a good fit for mowing rough.  Despite his wife's attempt to get him to call it quits, Pete has returned for another season.  Pete typically works Monday through Thursday allowing himself plenty of time to spend a long weekend at his cabin.  Having an individual we can count on day after day to mow the rough provides us with many benefits.  Pete knows how the rough   grows, which areas grow the quickest, where he should and shouldn't mow and as our mechanic says, we have a talking hour meter because he always lets the mechanics know when the oil needs changing and when the blades need sharpening.  Thanks Pete for your years of commitment and dedication.  I hope you have a great birthday celebration.

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