Monday, February 20, 2012

Cooler Stands Complete

After 19 days of labor, the cooler stands are finally complete.  Rick and Johnny placed a great deal of thought and work into the restoration of these necessary accessories and deserve all the credit.  The wood and stain now matches other accessories on the golf course such as our tee markers and benches.  We have spend a great deal of effort over the last few years of making sure we have continuity throughout the course, whether its with retaining walls, stairs, or course accessories we have made a conscious effort to upgrade and maintain a high quality and standard throughout the property.  

We estimated new stands would have cost a minimum of $8000, we were able to purchase the identical wood for $1500 along with additional hardware upgrades.  So for $2000 plus labor we were able to improve the existing stands and utilize existing operating budgetary funds for their completion.
Quite the improvement from the old stands

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