Friday, December 23, 2011

Ice Skating Rink

Over the past few years we have made significant improvements to the scope of our outdoor winter activities. Paddle tennis expanded from 2 courts to 4, we have invested in a more powerful snowmobile for pulling the cross country ski groomer, we purchased a larger and more technically advanced ski trail groomer and we continue to provide improvements to our skating rink.  

This year, due to the warmer temperatures, it's taken a few more weeks into December to have the skating rink ready for action.  One of the biggest improvements you will see is in the form of the night lighting.  We replaced some lights on court 4 of the paddle courts and utilized the old lights for the skating rink.  We hope you enjoy the improvement.  

Skating is open all day and into the night until 10pm.  Please be aware, if the temperatures rise above freezing we may need to close the rink to protect the ice from becoming damaged.  Also if you are using the hockey nets, please remove the nets from the ice and place them off the rink.  This will also insure we maintain quality ice through out the season.  With the late start to the outdoor skating season there are only about 6 weeks remaining before the sun begins to warm enough on a consistent basis where we can no longer maintain the ice.  So please come out and enjoy the limited season that we have this year.

 We had a great freeze and have some really good ice to skate on.

 The new lighting system for the rink. More powerful lights and better coverage of the entire rink.

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  1. An outdoor ice rink at at country club? What is that white stuff on the ground?

    Southern California ;)


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