Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cross Country Ski Trails

As with every winter here at Minikahda we try to provide the very best for a cross country ski trail. Late last winter we were able to get an upgrade in grooming equipment, making the grooming process much more efficient. Below is a picture of the new snowmobile and Ginsu groomer, capable of laying a cut track for inline skiing and a corduroy track for skate skiing.

This year Mother Nature has provided us with more than enough snow so far to have some great trails. With close to 4 miles of ski trails, there is more than enough room for inline and skate skiers to enjoy the trails. See the map below for the available ski and walking/snowshoeing routes. (click on the map for an enlarged view)
There are three entry points for the ski trails:
A. lower parking lot
B. bath house parking lot by #18 green

C. cartpath by #9 green tee


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