Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pesticide Container Recycling

Recently i found a company that will recycle your pesticide containers for free. The company is Container Services Network and they have many locations around the country mostly for the agriculture industry. Only a few requirements were necessary: triple rinse all containers and place the small containers in the large bags that they provide, contact them a few days prior to drop off and sign a few documents. Today we loaded up the 1 ton dump truck (see the picture below) with all of the pesticide containers that we have stockpiled from this year. It was quite the load. It is always nice to do things like this, as these plastics that would last for many, many years in a landfill will now be turned into other products. It also saved us money by not paying for a dumpster.


  1. Awesome Nick! Is their only MN location in the Cities? I should look into this sort of recycling up here.
    Any special tricks for rinsing the drums?

  2. I believe they have more locations, but i'm not sure. My dropoff location was in Blaine. Their site is and if you want more information from someone contact Sheri...
    Sheri DeMars
    Tel: (866)225-6629
    Mob: (320)493-7131
    Fax: (864)263-3530

    They are based in the Carolinas, but will do all of the arrangement stuff for you.


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