Friday, February 26, 2010

Almost too Late

Better late than never I guess. We finally received our 84" Ginsu groomer from Yellowstone Track Systems. Not their fault we just ordered it late and apparently they had a lot of orders for groomers this year. So it's here and we have about 2 more weeks to utilize it and keep our current cross country ski trail in top condition. The temperatures are warming up but we have a good base of snow so we are hoping to enjoy a few more weeks for this activity and allow us the opportunity to train ourselves on using this new tool for maintaining trails.

Our head Mechanic, Ken Diethert, did a great job wiring the cables to the snowmobile. This groomer has a cultivator attachment that can be raised and lowered which allows us the capability of really grooming the trail to help freshen it up when the snow becomes to packed and icy. We are looking forward to using this new tool to improve the cross country skiing experience for many years to come.


  1. This groomer looks great! Ours could use an upgrade.

  2. That a sweet piece of machinery!! I'd say a solid 10. Looking forward to checking out the new tracks!! Jeff, can you handle that baby?


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